1% better everyday!


It’s a new year and the chances are that you have made and already broken your new year’s resolutions.  Resolutions to make radical change are admirable and well intentioned but generally speaking are doomed to failure as they are not reasonable or sustainable.  Gradual change is more realistic and can still deliver radical results over time.

We’ve probably all heard the phrase “The way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time” yet we rarely apply this.  More often than not we link success to one giant goal and set ourselves up for failure instead.  Why not enjoy the bites along the way?

Mathematically speaking, a daily improvement of 1% means that you will be 37 times better at the end of the year! The effect of this compound interest creates a powerful, irresistible wave of positive change.

This approach is also a great way to tackle the challenges that appear insurmountable. Turning huge goals into bite sized daily chunks helps you to turn the seemingly impossible into reality.

This method of change requires effort, discipline, planning and attention to detail, it’s not sexy and comes with no fanfare but it’s most effective way I know of really making things better.

Whatever your goals; commitment to small, incremental targets which you can manage is a very effective way of making long term improvement. No matter how good we are, we always need to improve and even this method of change needs a plan.

My challenge to you to is to think about how you can become 1% better every day.  Here are some business improvement ideas to get you started…

  • Reduce a meeting duration (e.g. by sending out information ahead, simplifying the agenda or reducing the number of attendees) or remove a meeting altogether!
  • Do something important / urgent before doing something pleasurable
  • Call someone rather than emailing or calling a meeting
  • Learn a new piece of technology to improve your efficiency (e.g. Outlook tasks or Microsoft project)
  • Get rid of time drains such as updates no-one reads or reports no-one wants (just try stopping and see if anyone notices!)
  • Unsubscribe from the regular emails / newsletters you rarely read (you may be surprised at just how many there are!)

Imagine how much better you, your team, your organisation could be this time next year!